Sew lovely

My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and yesterday I got a little early birthday present, thanks to my Mama, sister and hubby. I had to sell my beloved sewing machine when we left Australia and I’ve been experiencing serious withdrawal ever since. I’ve been feeling especially lost without one lately and could hardly wait to get this baby home and set up! I have to admit, I wasn’t feeling all that inspired when we first arrived back to Canada. I think it was a combination of change, winter, etc…but lately I’ve been feeling super inspired again and happiest when I’m doing stuff that involves creativity.

While my sister was visiting, we got in the habit of choosing an inspirational card from a pack of 50 every morning and I’ve been keeping it up since she left. The cards are little goals for each day and I choose one randomly from a big pile. This was my card today. I think the universe is telling me I’m on the right track!

So, I spent the day sewing and getting to know my new love. I decided to start with something simple to help get my groove back and learn about my new machine. I made a couple of couch cushion covers, which just so happen to be Jesse approved! I’m loving my new sewing machine and already have a long list of project ideas brewing in my head. It sure is lovely to be sewing again!

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